A little history !

Shortly before the birth of my 3rd child, I began to create childcare articles that exactly met my expectations: a nice bib by one, kit and there, too practical bag, a good bath cape large, etc …

I visited many blogs at the time, I found a lot of inspiration.
My family and my colleagues were my first admirers and have continued to motivate me to create more.

A few months later, I launched my own blog: this is where the small pea fairy is born …

Why a Fairy? for his magic and happiness it brings …
Why “peas”? because they were present in each of my creations.

Through my blog, custom requests began arriving and gradually I reduced my teaching work time for the benefit of my creative activity.

Today, The Fairy peas, is a colorful, dynamic and above all they are unique creations and 100% customized.

You will find accessories for babies and children: baby books, bibs, bags, hooded towels, blankets, blanket.
But also for ladies bags, scarves, … not to mention the decor of the house: cushion pockets, …

Welcome to my world.

How to make an order ?

Each creation is UNIQUE All models are available as examples to see what is possible to order from Fairy …

Your choice is made?
Complete the form below.
I will take contact with you shortly to arrange the fabrics and tailoring period.
A deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation of the order.
Once the order made, a picture will be sent.

For removal, 2 solutions: in shop or a point KIALA relays, the order will be sent within 48 hours of receiving the remaining balance.

You want to order several items in anticipation of birth?

It is necessary to make contact well in advance so we can find the specific tissues to your desires.